I Love Sounds

I love all the different sounds

The birds going tweet tweet or

the chimes going ding dong

and the furnace whooshing

and of course, the green shed going zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I love all the different sounds too, if you just take a break and a don’t make a sound, you can see how beautiful all the different sounds are.

Hi China

Hello China,

I have some questions for you? What are some animals that you like a lot?

What types of flowers do you have?

What are some yummy food you like to eat?

I have more but I’ll do one more.

What different schools are there?  What do you study?

Thanks for reading this.  Leave your answers in the comments below.

Red foxes

3e had an Inquiry Wonderland museum. I studied red foxes.

Here is some stuff I learned first life as baby when red foxes are born usually in  March they will be black in color.

NEXT: Winter

In the winter red foxes eat berries and creatures.

NEXT: Summer

In the summer red foxes eat fruits, meat and berries.

NEXT: Color

Red foxes can be red or black.

All About Dogs

Dogs need dog food and water.  And they need their toe nails clipped sometimes and they need a bath sometimes too.  Dogs need a lot of love and exercise and they need to be walked.They also need a lot of toys.They also need a bed and a crate.They sometimes needs to go to the vet and they might need to go to a trainer.  They might even need to go to the groomer.